Claudio Zorzi

Italian Artist. His artistic research focuses on analysing the painting as a language.




I conceive painting as a language made of matter in constant change: it speaks to us through its voice, which explanation can be found lying deeply in itself, in the core of the said language. My goal is to make that voice visible.

My paintings contain many stratified layers of pictorial matter: the core of my work is on the concept of transformation during time.The technique can change just as the materials. I use oil, acrylic and other materials such as shellac and soil, often mixed to build, layer after layer, the painting’s structure in a slow process of stratification.

I consider painting as an alive entity, as a part of nature able to be born, grow, die, and be reborn, again and again in an endless process of changing.

Painting records a mind condition at a specific moment: it’s a practice that can connect yourself to the process of life and death that rule our universe and show this constant development.

I portray persons to create a link between the viewer and my paintings, like a mirror in which they could observe other human beings and reflect themself too.

I imagine painting like a space-time door opened on the history of mankind: the study of the human figure is one of the pillars of art history and has been scrutinised for ages by artists through different techniques. Therefore, the portraiture has created a thread that develops all along the history of humankind, following it accordingly.

My practice consists in keeping following that thread.

Painting is the diary of the transformation of one’s mind during a lifetime.