Claudio Zorzi

Italian Artist. His artistic research focuses on analysing the painting as a language.




I conceive painting as a language made of matter in constant change: it speaks to us through its voice, which explanation can be found lying deeply in itself, in the core of the said language. As a painter, my goal is to make that voice visible.

My paintings show humans with names and surnames, but to me, they embody a psychological condition frozen in a specific time frame. My practice focuses on the ability of time to transform the painting itself: the technique can change just as the materials. I use oil, acrylic and other materials such as shellac; soil; and wine, often mixed to build, layer after layer, the painting’s structure in a slow process of stratification.

I conceive my paintings like mirrors that communicate with viewers. They show them inner conditions that move through different levels, from the most “earthly to the most spiritual”.

I imagine the portrait like a space-time door opened on the history of mankind: the study of the human figure is one of the pillars of art history and has been scrutinised for ages by artists through different techniques. Therefore, the portraiture has created a thread that develops all along the history of humankind, following it accordingly.

My practice consists in keeping following that thread.